We definitely know we live in the LAST BEST PLACE, but how about THE BEST PLACE and it is right here in Stillwater County, Montana.  This morning my coffee went flying in my lap (it was worth it) as I came to a screeching halt off the two lane road knowing I had to capture the stunning views to share with our friends. My heart beat got exponentially quicker as I passed each mile marker approaching ABSAROKEE, MT.   It does not matter how long you have lived here or how many times you see the picture perfect backdrop, when the sun and the clouds hold forth to create this looming canvas it is like no other you have witnessed.


Welcome to Absarokee, MT where the Beartooth Mountains beckon for exploring and the Stillwater and the Rosebud River converge for fishing and floating.  This living experience is unparalleled; where congestion is absent save for glorious days of summer activities to share with friends that include National Forest trails, the rivers and the scenic drives to Red Lodge, MT and Nye, MT. 

Parks Real Estate currently has several spectacular properties for sale in Absarokee, MT as well as within the 2 mile perimeter.  Price range for all tastes:

310 W Grove St               $90,000    Vintage Victorian across from pool.

1 N Montana Ave           $225,000  Totally remodeled, 1 level living and walk to lunch.

10 Cincha Dr                   $235,000  Cabin out of town on the Stillwater River.

26 Woman Chief Circle  $279,000   Out of Town on acreage.

30 Yerger Road               $329,900  In Town and on the Rosebud River.

19 Rosebud Road         $365,000  Just out of town on the Rosebud River.

39 Plenty Coup               $289,400  Out of town on acreage.


or build your dream on 2.0 acres on the Rosebud River just out of town $122,900.