Snow, snow & more snow

We are in the midst of a true Montana winter! This is our 24th winter living in Columbus and I don’t recall a winter with more snow and cold than this one. We have consistently had a blanket of snow on the ground since Thanksgiving.

I’m not complaining, I like to ski (and it’s been fabulous!) and I’m certain we needed the moisture. Just think how many campfires we can have this summer!  But, spring is just around the corner and all that snow is going to melt and it has got to go somewhere. So for all you homeowners’ out there be thinking ahead on where the snow from your roof and around your house is going to melt to.

So….before it gets to warm, put those gutter extensions on your rain gutters and shovel that snow away from your doors and egress windows if it doesn’t typically run away from your house to avoid getting water in your basement or crawl spaces.

In the meantime, the forecast is for more snow, so don’t forget we get to live in a place where we can play in this snow. Get on those sleds, bust out those snow shoes or hit the slopes and enjoy the rest of winter!

Jill Exner, Broker

Parks Real Estate